There should be a small grean square between these lines and an applet window with a Klondike game dealt out.

Game Play

If you select the Game->Autoplay menu item, it will play itself.

Select Game->New to start a new game.

Select Game->Restart to restart current game.

Select Game->Select to select a game.

Select Game->Exit to exit the applet.

To move a card, select its pile and select the pile to move it to or just double click the from pile and the card will move itself.

The top left pile is the stock. Click on it to get a card in the discard pile.

Play Examples:
double clicking on Ace of Clubs's pile will move it to a foundation
double clicking on the Jack of Clubs's pile will move it onto the Queen of Diamonds's pile
clicking and dragging the Jack of Clubs's and dropping it on the Queen of Diamonds's pile would do the same