AOL pictures - launched June 2007

My most extreme AJAX web application for WYSIWYG configurating of photo based products. Products where selected and configured by dragging and dropping photos into position. A product preview, generated by the server, would then be displayed.

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Comperio - launched February 2001

Comperio located at is a search engine of online financial literature for PricewaterhouseCoopers. It includes a hierarchical browse tree and a comprehensive search engine using Verity Information Server. It supports multiple territories and multiple languages and has around 30,000 documents.

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Target Product Locator - launched January 2000

A browser based guest assistance kiosk for locating products within a Target department store. Store items are selected by either text searching for a keyword, by selecting an item within a department and category, or by selecting an item from the weekly newspaper circular.

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My largest web site,, capable of handling over 9 million hits per hour. It's a three-tier client-server web site that displays current market data, links to listed companies and provides other useful investment information.

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A.D.A.M. the Inside Story '97 Edition - launched August 1996

A.D.A.M. The Inside Story is a multimedia educational program for the "introduction to the secrets of the human body." It was the winner of the 1996 Software Publishers Association Codie Award for Best Education Product for Middle Schools and Best Curriculum-Based Education Product.

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Ad Maker - launched May 1995

Ad Maker is a WYSIWYG yellow page ad editor used by the Bell South sales force. It was a significant part of a client-server application used for the automation of phone book generation. It allowed sales personal to create a yellow page ad directly in front of the customer. The ad design data generated by Ad Maker was eventually compiled into the Yellow Pages. Over 800 users used the client-server application at launch.

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