Dave's Solitaire dHTML Version 2 alpha - updated 03/23/06
I have published an alpha of version 2 of Dave's Solitaire dHTML. It's a complete code rewrite with about 3000 - 4000 lines of 100% custom JavaScript, CSS, XML and XSL. It uses XP themed menus that I created for it. The menus alone have about 500 lines of JavaScript, 300+ of CSS, about 300 of XML and about 200 of XSL. The game also now works well with Mozilla and Firefox.

To Do:
  • IE does seem to like drag and drop of DIVs with background images. Need to convert cards to be more like Version 1 HTML.
  • Drop shadows on menus.
  • Drop shadows on cards.
  • Add additional game types.
  • Open / Save game.
  • Autoplay
  • Optimize page loading.
  • Resume updated - updated 03/02/06
    • Sixteen years of industry experience in software engineering.
    • Thirteen years of industry experience using C++/Java and OOA/OOD methodologies developing system architectures and reusable class libraries.
    • Thirteen years of full life cycle object-oriented development including requirements gathering, use cases, analysis, design, prototyping, construction, testing, production release, user manuals, support and version upgrades.
    • Ten years of industry experience developing user interfaces.
    • Ten years developing client-server systems including extensive development experience in each specific area of client, middleware and server.
    • Ten years developing multitasking and multithreaded applications.
    • Nine years of industry experience developing Microsoft Windows applications.
    • Six years developing AJAX and AJAX like web based applications.
    Pictures of my workstation - updated 03/02/06

    I'm always getting requests for pictures of my workstation setup.
    I'm updating - updated 02/23/06

    I have updated my site and this is a test deployment. I still have a lot tweaks left to do and I need to publish my updated resume.
    Family Christmas - updated 12/29/05

    Here are some family pictures from our family Christmas party.
    First pickup a Toyota Tundra Double Cab - updated 12/21/05

    Needed cargo space for house and everyone is having some really good deals. Oh and it's Christmas.
    Finished cutting down trees - updated 11/17/05

    Had 3 Bradford Pears 10 feet from my house. Tree trimmer dude said they need a 40 foot radius and it was best to just cut them down now.
    Contract completed - updated 10/28/05
    Today was my last day. Siemens has shut down the North American part of BBC Technology. There is one project left in Atlanta and then they will close the office when it is completed. I was the last Highlight Screening developer for the UI and there was one middleware developer left who also left today. My project will probably not enter production since the primary application to ingest video has never met ESPN expectations and will most likely be cancelled.
    Closed on my first house!!! - updated 10/05/05

    Here are a some pictures my first house. In the mailbox the night before I found a county ticket for illegal fence height and a letter from a neighbor asking to clean the pool and to trim the trees growing onto her lot. It took 29 lbs of chlorine shock to clear up the green pool.
    First trip to ESPN - updated 11/17/04

    First trip to ESPN in Britol, CT. No snow but still had a pretty cold wind chill. ESPN built an all new building to house the Digital Center for HD content.
    Siemens Business Services[SBS] buys BBC Technology - updated 07/07/04
    Here is the BBC press release. SBS promises not to layoff anyone for one year.
    United States Grand Prix - updated 09/29/03

    Michael Schumacher with Ferrari won. More info on the USGP at it's web site and Wikipedia. We bought general admission tickets that actually worked a lot better than getting a seat in the stands. We were able to get right up to the start/finish line at the start of the race. I only had one ear plug in at the start while taking pictures and it was actually physically painful to the unprotected ear.
    New project with BBC Technology for ESPN - updated 05/05/03
    BBCT is customizing a version of Colledia for ESPN. I will be working on a custom windows application to bookmark and document each play during a sporting event. These bookmarks will then be used to create a clip list of highlights of the game for broadcast. For the application, there will be 3 UI developers and 3 middleware developers to interface with Colledia.
    Third trip to London - updated 05/02/02

    Found time to tour HMS Belfast, a Dali exhibit and walk thru downtown London.
    Second trip to London - updated 04/07/02

    Queen mother died during this trip. Found out that the construction on the building that we walk by at least twice a day is from damage done by an IRA bomb. Got a complete behind the scenes tour of the BBC Television Center by a 25 year BBC veteran. Got to walk on the stages, through control booths, inspect equipment and also watched the taping of a Saturday morning kids show.
    First trip to London - updated 03/11/02

    Just spent two weeks in London. Tower of London is my favorite place to pass time. First week with the whole project team was for a H3G milestone acceptance test so it was all work and no play. I stayed a second week to complete the Quantel interface and archiving to tape. Turned out that the top of the line Quantel equipment that has multiple cpu's doesn't have the same interfaces available that the single cpu models have. Their VP of Product Development explained that they didn't want to bother with porting the software to the handle multiple cpu's. I had to implement a socket protocol that took all of one day to implement.
    New contract with BBC Technology - updated 01/28/02
    A 3 month contract with possible 3 month extension. Project is for 3G phone content for Hutchison UK. Travel to London likely. A couple of really good friends also work on the project.
    Comperio - updated 09/12/01
    My latest web site, Comperio @ www.pwccomperio.com, is a search engine of online financial literature for PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    Dave's DHTML Solitaire - updated 09/12/01
    My dHTML solitaire written in JavaScript plays 8 different games of solitaire.
    Target Product Locator - updated 09/16/01
    This web site wasn't one. Its a browser based kiosk for Target and is used to locate products within the store. After viewing a demonstration or taking it for a test run, my pears were shocked to find out it was browser based.
    New York Stock Exchange - updated 02/09/00
    My highest bandwidth web site is www.nyse.com. It's capable of handling over 9 million hits per hour.
    A.D.A.M. the Inside Story '97 Edition - updated 02/09/00
    Award winning software for A.D.A.M. Software, Inc..
    Ad Maker - updated 02/09/00
    Ad Maker is a WYSIWYG yellow page ad editor used by the Bell South sales force.